Castle on the Moon

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Dragon Balloon, Building and Leopard

About Francis Mattondo

Francis Mattondo is a talented novelist and screenwriter who enjoys writing books for children. A former technical analyst for the communications industry, he retired to embrace his first passion, which is writing short, meaningful stories for boys and girls.

He loves the freedom that comes with writing. While completing books for his readers, he explores fantasies that would interest any child. These make-believe realities will take kids on wonderful adventures that are filled with excitement.

Through Castle on the Moon, Francis is able to share these fantasies with youngsters throughout the nation. He hopes his first children's book brings smiles to the faces of boys and girls who read them.

A New Adventure

After writing children's books for two years, Francis is looking to expand into TV entertainment. He wants to create a show that is geared towards children for Nickelodeon. As an experienced TV writer, he has the ability to write scripts for 30-minute episodes. He wants to put this expertise into practice again to entertain child viewers around the United States.

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