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If you're looking for a new book to read to your child or boys and girls in your class, turn to Castle on the Moon. Author Francis Mattondo writes children's literature that will excite even the youngest reader. Learn more about his latest book.

"Seven Stories of Ying and Yang"

Francis' most recent book, "Seven Stories of Ying and Yang," is a collection of stories that teach children different life lessons. He describes the book in more detail below:

"The tone of "Seven Stories of Ying and Yang" is what I would call "Zen parable playfulness." Each story presents a situation the Japanese village of Shimo must deal with, such as storms, mysteries, strange visitors, etc. The stories are set in the Old Kingdom, which means modern conveniences are not available to the children of the village. Ying and Yang help the children with magical spells, although this is not always apparent to the children. The sister fish talk while floating on the surface of their bowl in the library, but only the children can hear them. Throughout the stories, there is a playfulness and humor. But underneath, there is always some Zen lesson about life and the nature of the world being shown. The magic of Ying and Yang is hidden, yet is always revealing something to the children of the village."

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Purchasing a copy of "Seven Stories of Ying and Yang" is easy. The novel is available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Shakespeare and Company, and BookBaby.

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Seven Stories of Ying and Yang
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The magical adventures of a mouse who saved a kingdom!

The adventures of Chanterelle the Mouse.

Kahloo and Chanterelle

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The second children's book written by the talented Author Francis Mattondo, Socrates the Cat Philosopher.

Socrates the Cat Philosopher

Socrates the Cat Philosopher Book Cover

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